Hey, I’m Blogging!

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So, this is my first blog entry. Ever.

Yup, it’s true. It’s 2009 and I’ve yet to start a blog, comment on someone else’s blog or even read a blog. That is until now. Now, I’m all all about the blog. Okay, not really ALL about it — just all about figuring it out. I think I may need to call in some reinforcements, aka my niece and nephew, for some blog assistance. I think I’d better start reading some blogs too — I really have no idea what this is all about.

I think I’ve developed this new interest in blogging because I now have something to say. About something I love. My home, your home — any home. I’ve taken a huge leap and I’m officially putting my focus on following something I live and breath every day anyway — home and garden styling. Helping people gather their thoughts and their possessions in a way that makes them proud of their home. Makes them comfortable in their home. But mostly — makes them love their home. Whooo hooo! How cool is that!?!

Here’s one of my favorite examples. A friend of mine asked for some help with her house. We were busily moving furniture, rearranging this and that when she asked my why I put a certain little chair in a certain place. She said “why put it there? It doesn’t have any purpose there.” Now she liked the chair just fine. I think I can say that she liked it a lot. She just didn’t have a specific use for this particular chair. So I said. “Does it need a purpose? Can’t it just be there because it looks nice and you’ll like looking at it?” Now picture shafts of light beaming through the ceiling, shining on the chair. It was that big a deal. I swear. My incredibly creative, smart and think-for-yourself friend had never really considered doing something in her home that did not serve a specific, needed function. A total shift in thinking occurred — one which I don’t think her husband has yet to forgive me over — and all kinds of options presented themselves. She felt free to do what she wanted. To put something someplace just because she liked it. Not because it was functional. Of course, having something in your home just because you like looking at it is a purpose in itself anyway, isn’t it!? That chair was like the green light for her to go ahead and create the house she loved. So, what did I do? Got a glass of wine and sat in the chair of course.

till next time.

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