The Evolution Of A Room

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Here’s a funny thing — well at least it made me laugh. I’ve agreed to be a part of a house and garden tour. No, no. That’s not the funny part. Well, okay, it’s a little humorous because of my family of constantly shedding pets.¬† But the really¬†funny part is that the tour organizers send out a questionnaire and blazing off the page is the question. You know, the big one…WHAT IS YOUR DECORATING STYLE??? I nearly snorted coffee out of my nose. Style? HA, HA, HA!

Later on after I’d recovered my composure, I mentioned the need to label our home and garden style to my incredibly patient husband. He kindly volunteered “the early American yardsale period” and then added more detail than I thought was necessary with the zinger, “survival of the fittest” That pretty much ended our decorating conversation. Actually all conversation at least for a minute or two. But you know, he’s not too far off from the truth. I can’t tell him that though — I rarely admit that I’m wrong or he’s right. So, I think I’d prefer to call it “evolutionary style.”

What I mean is we didn’t head out and pick up a room one Saturday. Rooms in our house have evolved over time — even longer than our time together. There’s the bookcase my grandfather made. It’s a beautiful antique and it loves sharing space with the tin flea-market frogs that live in the hall. There’s an old family trunk that managed to make it (notice I have cleverly avoided the word “survived”) through my husband’s many mailing addresses. Sure, there’s plenty of store-bought fresh-off-the shelves items but there’s also lots of yard sale, lots of flea market and lots of history.

I have no idea what the style is. We just mix it all together and I think that’s why it works. I just know we like it and it seems to please friends when they come to the house. The dogs are comfortable, the cat can sleep anywhere and no matter where I look I’m resting my eyes on something that makes me happy. Well, with the exception of the giant dust bunnies of pet fur. Those tend to make me crazy.

till next time.

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