Tip Of The Week: Three’s A Crowd

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That is unless you’re decorating.

The hearts and flowers are swirling madly now that Valentine’s Day is here. And that got me thinking about couples (go ahead and say it…my mind is working at lightening speed to make that connection) and the many sayings out there that tell us two is better than one, that it’s not good to be the third wheel and that yes, three’s a crowd.

Sure, that might be the case in love and romance but when you’re decorating three’s just right. In fact, any odd number is what you need to light a spark. Odd numbers are just more interesting to the eye and to the brain. Arrangements of anything in an odd number grab and hold attention better. They mix things up!

Ahh, one other note — grouping in odd numbers doesn’t necessarily mean three of the exact same thing either. Mix a variety of frames, group together 3 unmatched candlesticks. Arrange flower pots of different sizes. For even more fun, mix up three or five things with just a thread of a connection. Two frames and a single candlestick connected by their color or texture, A large flower pot, medium flower pot and a funky old watering can. It’s the variety of the odd number that makes it interesting.

So the next time you’re pulling together a grouping on the mantle, a cluster of picture frames on the table, pots of annuals on the deck –anything — give some thought to the look you’re trying to achieve. Formal and steady? Go for the symmetry of pairs. Fun, lively and creative? Group by 1, 3 or even 5.

Oh, note to patient husband: this doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for that romantic dinner just the two of us! When it comes to celebrating the holiday of romance, I’m a believer in couples all the way — three is definitely a crowd!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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  1. I feel fortunate that I am married to your brother! That means that I have had the benefit of your decorating style and advice (not to mention your “enabling” MANY of my home and garden purchases) over the last 25 years! I am so excited to see you branching out into this blogging thing…now when can you come over and help me with my house?!

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