The Waiting Game Is Over!

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I saw what I consider the first real sign of spring today. 

The tiny green shoots of my newest bulbs poking up from the soil in my front garden.  Whoo Hooo!  So now I’m obsessed. I’ll be checking those babies each and every day — one, two, I’ll admit it, even three times a day just to see if they’ve grown at all.  I’ve got some bulb envy as some neighbors have a jump on me.  But hey, they have a front yard with a southern exposure.  So of course.

But, that little flash of green was all it took to rouse me from the waiting game of winter.  It’s gardening time!  I know, I know. It’s not time to go wild out there yet. I’ve been fooled by plenty of bad weather in March and even April. But now that the little shoots are showing, I know it’s okay to get out there and do a little more sprucing up.  I’m checking for winter damage, repairing fencing and clearing out some leaves and debris that I’ve tolerated over the winter (secretly hoping that snow would cover it up which of course it did not. Seeing as so far we’ve had about 12 flakes total) and starting to notice that things are breaking dormancy everywhere.  I see life out there! 

I love my garden’s announcement that it’s still there.  It’s like the rest of the world’s New Year’s Eve.  Now’s the time I make my gardening resolutions and I actually believe I’ll keep them.  Here are this year’s:

  • I resolve to make a list of what I truly need before I go anywhere near a farmer’s market plant and herb sale. 
  • I resolve to stop trying to push the boundaries of sun and shade for my plants. 
  • I resolve to come to some kind of truce with the squirrels. 

Sigh.  I’m fully aware that all of these will get thrown into the compost bin of resolutions once the gardening season is in full swing but that’s what’s so nice about this time of year.  The waiting game is over and a time of promise has arrived.  Yea spring!

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