The Kitchen & Garden Tour is Almost Here!

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Where in the world have I been?!  Hmmm, let’s see.  20 trips to the hardware store, 15 trips to to the garden center.  late nights cleaning light fixtures. Oh, 2 road trips for just the right outdoor material….

Not to mention spending hours and hours outside begging the plants to rise up and show themselves before the big day.  That’s right, the Fan Kitchen and Garden Tour  is this Sunday!  If you’re anywhere near the Richmond Virginia area, make the trip. The kitchens and gardens give you more ideas than you can cram into one home plus it’s a treat to walk around the neighborhood because everyone’s shined up for spring. 

Okay, so I’ve been busy. That’s really no excuse for my unforgivable lapse in keeping Love Where You Live updated.  But…will you forgive me anyway?  I promise — really promise — that almost before the last people step out my garden gate, I’ll share all the in’s and out’s of getting ready for the tour.  Project ideas, photos, even a few freak-out stories that almost made even me, well, not necessarily love where I live!

And, right after the tour, I’ll also share some REALLY BIG NEWS.  So don’t give up on me — come back next week.  I promise it’ll be fun! 

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