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Whew,  I have so much news to share, I hardly know where to begin.  So, I’ll just jump right in and start…at the end!

Our house is going to be featured in an upcoming national magazine!  Whoo Hoo!  How fun is that!?!   The photo shoot is done (thanks Mona and Tony!!) and now I’m just sitting tight waiting for the big day.  As I know more, I’ll spread the word.

It all came about at the same time we were preparing for the Kitchen and Garden tour so Very Patient Husband and I had a running list of things we had to do and things we wanted to do.  Okay, things I wanted to do! The pressure was on and the notebook of lists was in-hand! The good news is all the prep work resulted in several fun do-it-yourself projects I can share soon.

But for now, and in keeping with beginning at the end, here are a bunch of photos of the house and garden, both from the magazine photo shoot and from the house tour.  Oh, and full disclosure – these are my amateur photos, not the work of Mona and Tony.  Let me know what you think of what you see or what you want to know more about!  I’ve got more pictures to come of the rest of the house, but these should get us started!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting new pics!!! I know Deana at Strawberry Fields! I have some of my knitted baby items in her store! I’ll have to let her know she’s inspired me to hang something in my play room…stars, flowers, ? We’ll see!!! I can’t stop looking at the pics and sending them to everyone I know! I used to work for PoshTots/PoshLiving…I loved styling our photoshoots for our catalog – but we never had rooms like yours!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your house!!! :)

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