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photo:  www.tonygiammarino.com

photo: www.tonygiammarino.com

To me, the sign of a great floral designer is someone who can take your germ of an idea and amaze you with it. Deanna at Strawberry Fields Flowers and Gifts does that to me all the time. I had to share this gorgeous photo of my dining room table to show you what I mean.

I wanted an elegant garden-party look to the dining room for the Kitchen and Garden tour. And I’d been looking for a way to use my galvanized tin cake plate. I thought it would be a fun, creative vessel for the centerpiece so I showed it to Deanna. The next thing I know, I have this incredible floral piece of art. A cake like I’ve never seen! She told me she was inspired. I’ll say! Don’t miss the heather wrapped around the base of the arrangement — beautiful!

I finished off the table by bringing in my signature look — mixing weathered garden pieces with flea market style and formal place settings. I paired her creation with my grandmother’s silver and crystal, my parent’s wedding china, hand painted chargers and antique linen napkins as the placemats. Then, just for fun, I topped it all off with mini-urns filled with wheat grass.

I love this elegantly-lit photo of Tony’s because he’s captured so many of the dining room elements in the one shot. In the background you’ll see more wheat grass on the mantle. The fresh green color brings that brand-new-spring feeling right into the house. More on wheat grass soon. Off to the side you’ll see a wonderful vertical¬† arrangement (thanks Deanna!) in my favorite weathered urn.

Hope you enjoy the photo! Just goes to show how flowers really set off a room!

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  1. Jennifer, looking at this room makes me smile! You continue to impress me with your talents! All the little details make a room pop – and I can see how much work you have put into bringing each room (indoors and out) to life. I am SO ready to learn from you. I can see how much fun you are having and that, too, makes me smile! Di

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