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Thanks for all the interest in seeing my current obsession – the periwinkle blue column. I swear I did NOT paint this thing. It was sitting there waiting for me…a perfect match! Here’s a picture of the column in the room. Be sure to say hi to Maggie-the-cat. She looks peaceful in the photo but it’s a scam. She’s actually a crazy-wild adolescent that makes our two dogs constantly wonder “what flew by my face just now?”

But back to the periwinkle column. The first photo shows it in the room. The other one is a close-up of the peeling paint.

So, I had to get Very Patient Husband (VPH) to go pick up my new-love in his old-love, his Chevy truck.  He’s really nice that way.  And he’s also become accustomed to my attraction to disrepair.  He went by himself and came back and told me this horror story:  As the salvage yard guy was putting the column into the truck, he started to RUB OFF THE PERIWINKLE PAINT!!!  VPH flew into action, tackled the salvage yard guy and stopped the madness.  Okay, that’s just how he told it.  But really, VPH did immediately educate the guy that the only reason we were buying the column was because the paint was peeling.  And it was periwinkle.  So, no peeling, no buying.  Needless to say, all efforts at a quick restoration of the column stopped there.  Yea!  Saved!  VPH gently drove home with my prize which we briefly displayed on the city sidewalk to amuse the neighbors and then brought inside.  Love it!!column and maggie

column closeup

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