The Confidence Factor

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I had the chance this morning to catch my woman-in-business expert and friend, Mary Foley, on a morning show. No, I was not sitting around in my bunny slippers, sipping coffee and flipping channels, thank you very much. This was strictly business research. So I wore my flip flops.  Anyway, she and her radio-show partner, Susie Galvez, were talking about the ten ways women can increase their “sanity, confidence and fun.” It was a great segment — even the show’s hosts were laughing and jumping in with their ideas. Well, it got me to thinking. IF Mary were to ask me — which of course she didn’t, but just say she did sometime…. I would have added number 11. And it would have been something along the lines of “Be yourself in your home.” Stepping out in the world can be challenging,  scary ,even intimidating. But oh so exciting. So to me, one way to gear up and get ready for whatever comes your way is to have a place that recharges your battery, soothes your spirit and connects you with your authentic self. That place should be your home. Instead of decorating your space to reflect a magazine trend or what you think guests will want to see, create a home that helps you regain your sanity, have some fun and face the world outside.  And the confidence part?  Creating a space that you love and one that is truly yours is sure to raise your confidence, too.

Here’s where you can learn more about Mary’s 10 tips.

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  1. Jennifer, LOVE your #11 tip to all to our Top 10 Tips to Increase the Sanity, Confidence, and Fun in your Life! As you know, Bill and I have personally worked to create a space at home that supports us and is welcoming to family and friends. I’ve gained ideas from you, as well as others, that “recharges your battery, soothes your spirit and connects you with your authentic self.” So worth it! Thanks so much! :)

    Mary Foley

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