Chair Planter DIY Project

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Let’s see.  There’s a severe storm warning beeping on the radio right now.  The sky’s dark and the thunder’s rolling in.  Make’s a person think of ….why, chair planters of course!

Yup, summer weather is here in Virginia.  This morning the air was so thick and heavy it felt like you were covered in wet wool blankets the moment you stepped outside.  Lovely!  And pretty typical. As are the afternoon storms that help to cool things off and lower the humidity… a little.

I bring up this weather talk because, for me at least, there’s a period of time in the summer when I’m not all that excited about gardening.  It’s hideously hot.  The plants you loved for their show in the spring now look worse than chorus line girls the morning after opening night.  And all the fresh bright colors and tidy plants of early summer are now leggy, droopy and baked by the sun to a crispy finish.

My solution to this annual feeling of garden disrepair is to liven things up with a colorful project.  But it has to be something quick and easy.  Because  you won’t have much time — there’s a cold drink in the kitchen with your name on it.

And so, I bring you the garden chair planter:

I know, not much to look at, but just wait!

I know, not much to look at, but just wait!

Very quick, very easy and very inexpensive!  Just find an old chair at a flea market or thrift store.  Find one with an open seat. I make it a rule only to get chairs that already have some of the seat broken.  Might be silly, but I hate to cut up a perfectly good chair.

In addition to the chair, you’ll need a container.  Not too large that it sits up high in the chair but not too small that it drops through to the floor.  Now’s a good time for a tape measure.  Anyway, get a lightweight wire bowl-shaped one from your hardware store or garden center and add some moss and planting soil.  You can also use a regular old pot or anything else that strikes your fancy as long as it has drain holes.

You’ll also need primer and the paint color of your choice.  A few tools. Oh and the plants, don’t forget those.

Okay, so first thing is cut out the rest of the seat.  If it’s got some stray pieces of wood that you think will get in the way of your container, you can chisel them out.  Kind of a fun, tension-relieving thing to do.

IMG_3814 croppedIMG_3815







Next wipe the chair down and clean it off as much as possible.

Now you can start painting!  Use a primer.  Really.  I hate painting the primer — I’m always impatient for the color.  But do it for your own good.  Sigh.  Let it dry.

I highly recommend getting one of these spray trigger things!
Oh, I highly recommend the paint can spray trigger.  No more finger cramps!
Okay, NOW you can put on the color.  Yea!
Let it dry and that’s it! Drop in your planter, and you’re done! Here’s the finished picture plus a picture of the chair detail which I love.
Or, try a chair planter like this with a fluffy houseplant  — fantastic indoors.  Have fun!
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