A Love Where You Live Christmas

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Surprise! I’ve posted! I’ll skip the apologies about leaving the blogging world for soooo very long because you all know that I’d be here every day if only I could. But, sigh, working for a living always gets in the way. Instead, I want to jump right in with some pictures from the past couple of weeks. I have a few others which I’ll try to get out here in the next few days.  All in all, some snow, some holiday, lots of fun!  Hope you all had — and are having — a joyful holiday season.  How did your decorating go?  Share some favorites with us — either yours or ones you’ve seen that you love.  And here’s to 2010 and hopes for peace for all of us.

till next time (and hopefully that’s sooner rather than later!)


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  1. Happy New Year! Love that you are “back”! You always do up Christmas. No wonder no time for blogging with making your own real fruit sparklers! Look forward to more posts in 2010!


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