The Small House Movement

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The other day I posted an address on the Love Where You Live Facebook page.  The blog follows a couple who renovated the kitchen in their  480 square foot home in Berlin.  You won’t believe how great it looks.  Reading their blog, Making This Home, reminded me of something else I had stumbled across about a year ago – the Small House Movement.  In a nutshell (cause they like to do everything small!) the Small House Movement celebrates the idea that when space is used attractively and efficiently, we don’t really need that much of it.  You can read more about the idea here.

Now most of you know, I tend to be a bit of a more-is-more kind of girl.  Where there’s space I usually fill it up.  But I have to admit I am very drawn to some of these little houses — environmentally aware, big on style and not hard to clean!  And I’m betting there’s quite a bit of financial freedom that comes along with a matching small or non-existent mortgage and tiny utility bills- something worth considering these days.

Enjoy the video, pictures and links below. I’ve saved some of the best ones for last in the post!

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This NY Times video will give you a taste of what people are doing with small houses and how beautifully they highlight the land they rest upon.

Here are pictures I’ve taken of small homes that caught my eye:

A tidy Northern CA cottage:

A beautiful New England coastal home:

A simple place to call home:

A New Hampshire tree house:

A “tent” in the woods:

Visit Tumbleweed Tiny House Company to see some other great pictures, floor plans, prices and more:

Bodega - 261 sq ft New Vessica - 278 sq ft

Also don’t miss the charming Katrina Cottages designed by Marianne Cusato and sold through Lowes.  Here’s just one example of a floor plan illustration — coming in at under 700 square feet! There are lots of shapes and sizes to choose from plus color pictures on the site.

View Floor Plans.

View Floor Plans.


Designer: Eric Moser
Bedrooms: 1.5
Ceiling Height: Varies
Conditioned Living Area: 697 sq. ft.

Overall dimensions (including porch)
33′-6″ long x 24′-0″ wide

And last but not least, check out some of my favorite small homes at Ross Chapin’s GoodFit designs.  The interior details are simply amazing.

Cohos Cottage Home Plans by Ross Chapin
Coho Cottages B & C
1168 – 1218 sf
Egret Cottage Home Plans by Ross Chapin
Egret Cottage
1150 sf
EdgemoorCottage Home Plans by Ross Chapin
Edgemoor Cottage
1292 sf

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  1. Nice buildings! Love the tree trunk house….

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