A Quick Idea For Spring Decorating

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Need an easy way to go from the grey of winter to the green of spring in your home? Here’s an instant fix: Buy a flat of wheat grass from your local florist or from your local grocery store. “Plant” it in pots, bowls, a glass — anything that strikes your fancy. Have fun and tuck some wheat grass in unexpected containers. Then place them wherever you want to announce the arrival of brighter days. This mini terra cotta pot is one of a set of six which I used to freshen up a winter-weary covered porch.

Wheat grass ordered from your florist will be in soil. The grocery store variety flat will not. Either works great.

The wheat grass used to fill this antique duck bowl was ordered from the grocery store.  You’ll notice it’s longer — better for its original purpose which was juicing.  Here I’ve used it long, but you can also give it a “haircut” if you want a shorter, more manicured look:

And here are a couple of other ways to use it — on a mantle or even as a part of your spring table.

This photo courtesy of www.tonygiammarino

If you decide to use wheat grass in your home this spring — or maybe even for your Easter basket — please share your ideas and your pictures with us either here or on Facebook.  We’d all love to see them!

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