Enjoy The Unexpected. Garden Serendipity Is A Gift

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I’m a list maker. I like to know where I’m heading, write it down, check it off and then celebrate with a glass of wine. Yup. Love that. Of course, the problem is there are plenty of times when things don’t go according to plan. A plant dies. One of the dogs rearranges my newest garden design, A rainstorm pummels a gorgeous bloom just as it’s opening to full glory. In short, there are plenty of times when the world simply has other plans for my plan.

We can struggle with wanting things just so. And sometimes that works out as we hope it will. Yea for us. But when it doesn’t — hey, even when it does – we should look around for what did happen. Or what else happened. Because it’s possible that those things are even better than anything we could have expected.

Here’s what I mean: I was running in the front door yesterday, thinking about the front garden. Feeling annoyed that the overly hot spell we had a few weeks back had literally laid waste to some of the more delicate spring bloomers that were supposed to carry through until the summer perennials made their showing. Grumble, grumble. Just then, I happened to glance at my neighbor’s house which is just a few feet from ours thanks to city living. To my surprise, I had the joy of seeing a little viola bravely growing out of the side of the house. Literally out of the side of the house.  It seems that although it started out in my garden, apparently it liked their house just a bit better. Beautiful. And unexpected.

Now where’s that glass of wine?

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Just discovered your blog. I was looking through Cottages and Cabins and saw your beautiful house. I was trully inspired! Gorgeous colors and I love those vivid paintings!

    Hope to see more!


  2. Hi Staci,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. I’m so glad that you found me through the magazine article! I’ve been very inconsistent in my posts but hope to become a better blogger soon! If you are on Facebook, I have a love where you live page there as well. You can get to it from the button on the blog site. best, Jennifer

  3. Oh and meant to say you can see more of the paintings you saw in the article here as well. Just click on the Frank Norvell page.

  4. Hi, Jennifer! I just discovered your blog via facebook. I’m working on a blog start up about gourmet foods so I’m out there looking for inspiration. I think your blog is super-cool! Congratulations!

  5. Hi Gwynn! So glad you like Love Where You Live. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours. Come back and share the link so we can all visit and check it out.

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