A Little Autumn Color

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I’ve really been enjoying the change of seasons — particularly the rich colors that autumn brings. Here are a few images for you. For me, one of the best ways to celebrate the welcome change from summer to fall is to bring the gold, purple and deep reddish-orange colors into the house. Take a pair of clippers out to your yard and gather what you see.  Look for color and texture rather than just blooms to help signal the quiet beauty of fall.  It’s hard not to feel thankful when nature reminds us how wonderful the world is at every turn. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. What magnificent blending of Fall’s earthly bounty! The pear is too pretty to eat. Once again, a great lesson for us of limited personal creativity!!! Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Beautiful – did you do these arrangements? I’ve been waiting for a post on this blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Those Hydrangeas are GORGEOUS!!

  4. So beautiful —- way to go Jen!

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