Uni-Holiday Warning

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Ah, the holidays! The decorators in all of us love this time of year — one festive event right after the other. Halloween rolls right into Thanksgiving and before you know it, it’s the day after Thanksgiving and of course that means…Christmas! Now, I’m not a Scrooge at all. I absolutely love getting the house creeped out for Halloween, full of bounty for Thanksgiving and¬†sparkling for Christmas. What I don’t love is a little something I like to call the Uni-holiday. I will explain by simply saying please, please please…don’t let one holiday decoration drift into another so that by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around you have a weird little mix of a holiday that is celebrated with withered pumpkins, tired-looking wreaths and perky cut-out hearts. Trust me, it happens. And it’s not pretty.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

P.S. – doesn’t the little jack-o-lantern just crack you up?¬† Must have been a rough night… :)

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  1. LOVE your blog! I just discovered it. I live in a small house, so I love the fact that you show other small homes on your blog. Have a wonderful holiday!
    Best regards,
    P.S. Your home looks lovely!

  2. Welcome to the blog Gloria! So glad you found us!

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