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Recently, I’ve been on a lighting binge in our home. It started when I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted for our kitchen renovation, morphed into impromptu lighting design and finished up (for now) with some crazy late-night lampshade painting. The moral of this story? There are potential lighting fixtures everywhere if you just look with a fresh eye….or some fabric paint!

Here’s one of a matched pair of lamps I designed for our entry way.

Love Where You Live Design - vintage baluster

And here’s our sink task lighting.

Love Where You Live design - Vintage funnel fixture.

This one was fun — I couldn’t resist when I came across this unusual rounded tin tub!

Love Where You Live design - Vintage washtub fixure.

Honestly, I’d been using these buffet lamps with the tan-shades-that-don’t-match for years. Once I painted the shades and put them on the vintage white door that serves as my desk I felt like they were new lamps. Painting took literally five minutes a shade.

lampshade "before"

lampshade after!


  1. So glad to see what you’re doing! The kitchen window “treatment” and task lighting are very pretty. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks!

  2. Jennifer, these are just great! You are so talented…..can’t wait to see more.

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