Dreaming of Spring

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I am so surprised — and thrilled — to find out our porch is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Vintage Style!  I’ve enjoyed the publication’s tips and ideas so much in the past, it’s really an honor to be a part of it! This issue of Vintage Style is on the stands now and should be out until April.



As in past issues, Vintage Style has great tips, DIY ideas and plenty of photos for inspiration.  Here’s a sneak peak at “25 Ways to Love Living Outdoors.” There’s another angle of the “living room” portion of our porch at the bottom of page 129.  We’re tip number 9. Yay! :)


What’s your favorite tip?  Mine’s 17. Just because I love the photo. I can’t believe somone gets to have that beautiful “garden shed” in their yard.  It’s spectacular!  Have fun dreaming of spring!

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