Holiday Decorating Without The Drama

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Home décor magazines, blogs, HGTV and Pinterest…It’s a candy store of creativity out there.
Image after image of perfectly styled spaces for every holiday under the sun. It’s endless entertainment to browse and dream but for sanity’s sake it’s also important to keep just a little perspective on how much holiday decorating makes sense for you.  Our biggest tip? Aim for enough decorating to satisfy your creative side but not so much that all the fun gets sucked out of the season. Here’s how:
1. Focus on high impact areas:

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Spend your creative energy on the front door, the entry way and locations where you, your family and friends will spend the most time. Focusing your efforts will mean more time to fully carry out your vision.


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Simply skip over rooms that don’t see much holiday activity or give them a quick nod to the season with a simple vignette on a table, shelf or mantle.


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2. Establish a good foundation:



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Make use of base items that can be easily flipped from one season or holiday to another. Identify décor pieces you already own or invest in a few key pieces that stay out all year but get a speedy facelift season to season. A great bowl, urn or galvanized tin bucket can be filled with gourds then quickly changed up with greens and ornaments.


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A simple wreath base or window box can be decorated with fall embellishments that get replaced with lots of sparkle for the holidays.

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3. Make some, buy some:


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Not every wreath, ornament or piece of holiday cheer has to be homemade. If you’re the DIY kind of person, choose some signature projects and fill in with things you’ve purchased. You’ll find you’re spending quality, enjoyable crafting time rather than feeling overwhelmed or under pressure to do it all. And if you’d rather whip out your credit card than a glue gun, banish the guilt — that’s ok too!
4. Know when to say enough:

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Do you keep decorating right up to the last minute? To fully enjoy your holiday décor and avoid the feeling that you just put everything up to take it right back down, give yourself some breathing room.  Make a plan that includes when to stop. First, decide how much time you’ll give yourself for gathering ideas. Use that time to indulge in all the great decorating sources out there. Then stop looking! Next decide how much time you’ll use to do projects and actually decorate. When you hit your deadline, stop, step back and enjoy what you’ve accomplished. Didn’t get to everything? That’s ok. Save those ideas for next year!

Enjoy your home!




  1. As always, I love your advice! Its so important to remember that we’re decorating for US…not some evasive picture of perfection! Holiday decorating is really an opportunity to recognize our creative selves. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Well said! Holiday decorating should be a source of joy and celebration!

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