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Holiday Decorating Without The Drama

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Home décor magazines, blogs, HGTV and Pinterest…It’s a candy store of creativity out there. Image after image of perfectly styled spaces for every holiday under the sun. It’s endless entertainment to browse and dream but for sanity’s sake it’s also important to keep just a little perspective on how much holiday decorating makes sense for you.  Our biggest tip? Aim for enough decorating to satisfy your creative side but not so much that all the fun gets sucked out of the season. Here’s how: 1. Focus on high impact areas: Spend your creative energy on the...

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Chair Planter DIY Project

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Let’s see.  There’s a severe storm warning beeping on the radio right now.  The sky’s dark and the thunder’s rolling in.  Make’s a person think of ….why, chair planters of course! Yup, summer weather is here in Virginia.  This morning the air was so thick and heavy it felt like you were covered in wet wool blankets the moment you stepped outside.  Lovely!  And pretty typical. As are the afternoon storms that help to cool things off and lower the humidity… a little. I bring up this weather talk because, for me at least, there’s a period of...

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Tip of the Week: Don’t be in a hurry to be done

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A very smart friend of mine gave me a quotation that I’m trying to live by.  It’s attributed to Gandhi and goes something like this: “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” Now, I don’t really know if Gandhi said it. And I might not even have the quote right. But that’s okay — that’s not really the point. The quote is a great reminder for me about how important it is to take life at its own pace. Not to rush forward just to get something  over with or to check it off your list (okay, strike that…I LOVE lists!) But really,...

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